Support and assistance for your startup.

Operational services to help you move the needle, whether it's a video call about building products or planning your sales strategy.

"An explorer of nascent technology and evangelist for makers around the world. Ben approaches product-building with discipline, focused on rapid experimentation to build something people want."

Founder, Product Hunt

A few ways we can help...

Here are a few examples of what founders use us for.

1:1 Coaching

Access us whenever you need us. Get help from experienced makers.


Running a startup requires expertise in many areas.

Extended team

Think of us as part of your team. We're in the details with you.


Stay accountable by tracking and reviewing your progress with us.


Candid, actionable feedback to make you grow faster.

Personal development

Working to help figure out the right process for you to build efficiently.

Problem solving

Assisting founders with what they need to do and how to get it done.

Founders love us


"I reached out to MakerPad because they understand how to break down complex ideas and turn them into simple easy to execute methods. My conversations have helped me build an MVP of a two-sided market, which has a growth rate of 10%, week over week! The experience, knowledge of resources, and growth strategies has been extremely valuable to me. If any founder is looking for help with startup execution I would recommend the team 10/10 times. I’m excited to see how many people benefit from this service!"

Raj Gandhi. Founder, Stealth

"I had an idea and MakerPad was able to guide me through to launch, start on a budget and grow a community. My business wouldn't be as successful as it is today without them. We've gone from 0 - 1000 users in 5 months. His guidance and support is extremely valuable. I always recommend them to startup founders, I'm thrilled they are helping more entrepreneurs."

Holly Stephens. Founder, Triangles

"When you work with Ben you immediately gain greater clarity and confidence in what you are doing. His vast experience in the space, lucid thinking and his pure sorcery when it comes to community building are all reasons he has become an indispensable part of the team."

Marcus. Founder, Saycaster

"Watching and learning from Ben has enabled me as a founder to see product from a different pair of eyes. He showed the tech scene what it means to build and harness a fantastic community around the most solid ideas. And I’m so happy he’s going to help others do the same."

Cat Noone. Founder, Iris

"Equal parts debonair and winsome, Ben possesses a real product thinker and innovator's mind. His experience at Product Hunt girds his foundation in what will and won't work in the marketplace, and, coupled with his cunning ingenuity and care for craft, he's the guy I'd go to."

Chris Messina. Inventor of the Hashtag

How it works

Message us anytime, we're an extension of your team. We're there when you need us.

Submit your request

Let us know what you need help with via our request form

We get to work

We'll use our expertise to put together what you need

Move the needle

Implement it and let us help you tackle the next thing

Meet your operators

Ben Tossell

Co-Founder. Chief Operator.
#4 Product Hunter and #6 Maker

Mubashar 'Mubs' Iqbal

Co-Founder. Chief Builder.
#1 Maker & 2016 Maker of the Year.

Georgie Chaplin

Social & Marketing.
Ex-clients include American Express & Machine Zone.

Some companies we've helped along the way

"No one expects a tennis player to become the next Serena without coaching. Why would the next great CEO be any different?" - Justin Kan

Simple pricing that suits you

Pick your plan based on what you need. Credits are used for requests, each request is one credit unless stated otherwise. All plans include direct access to an operator to contact.



monthly credits




monthly credits




monthly credits




monthly credits


All plans do not require a contract. Use us for 1 month, 3 months or 50! If you're interested in a multi-month discount, get in touch.

Our service catalog

How can we support and assist you? How many credits will it use?

1 Credit

Figuring out an MVP
How to talk to users
Getting your first users
First sales
Product feedback
Onboarding breakdown
Cold sales email process
Social meda ads strategy
Idea validation
Maker coaching
Building product
Founder health
Business models
Scaling your startup
Design and branding

Content marketing plan
Growth strategy
Building a growth engine
Reaching product/market fit
Community building
What tools to use
Enterprise sales
Product management process
Product frameworks
Pitch feedback

3 Credits +

Video calls/check-ins
Set up and maintenance of social ads
Custom requests


What is MakerPad?

It's a monthly fee-based service that provides assistance and support for startup issues that founders have to tackle.

What can MakerPad do for me?

Idea validation, customer development, building product, launching, sales, growth and marketing are just a few of the areas we help with. Check out our service catalog for more.

What are credits?

We use a credit system in exchange for helping on a task. When a task is submitted, the credit is consumed until the request is closed.

What happens if I don’t use all of my credits?

We're based on a monthly credit cycle. Every month, credits reset and do not roll in to the following month.

What if I use all my credits and need more in a month?

You can upgrade your plan to the next tier during a month.

What are the benefits?

Founders are often tasked with doing everything! Knowing you have an expert at hand to help you navigate these stages helps take the weight off your shoulders. It'll help you grow quicker.

How does the payment plan work?

One month you may need a lot of assistance but others you may only need a little support. Because this is such a common theme with founders we do not lock you in to a contract. Pay for the month ahead but next month, choose whatever plan you need. You can always upgrade during a month too.

Give me an example

Tim Cook from Banana Inc chooses the Startup plan. We go through a quick onboarding process to learn about the business and what the goals are. With his 8 credits, Tim fills in the request form for onboarding feedback. We complete the task and Tim has 7 credits left. He requests a video call for us to go through the onboarding and talk about suggestions. He now has 4 credits left. He redeems those over the month with help on a cold sales email campaign, social ads strategy and content marketing plan. As we build a relationship with Tim and his business, we tailor all the deliverables to his goals.

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